Welcome! I’ve been vegan since 2006. In 2009, I became a vegan mom. People often ask me what we eat and how we stay healthy. I strive to provide my family with balanced, heathy meals made with fresh and wholesome ingredients. To anyone looking to encourage picky kids to eat more vegetables, I hope this blog provides some inspiration.

A few things about me: I love books, coffee and craft beer. I collect cookbooks and while many of my kitchen creations start with a recipe, I deviate based on what’s in the cupboard or what I know my kids will eat. So even when I have a favourite recipe, I never make the same meal or treat twice.

When my kids sit down to dinner, they often have to try something new. I’m not looking for dinnertime battles – but I like to experiment in the kitchen. Sometimes they surprise me and enjoy something I thought would be a stretch for them. Sometimes they don’t.

Not every meal is inspired and delightful – many meals are thrown together to get us out the door for hockey or swimming lessons. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get them fed in a rush without compromising nutrition or to add flavour for us grown-ups.

I’m flexible in my cooking but the one thing I won’t do is cook a special meal for my picky eater. We all eat together and we eat (almost) the same thing. Over time, the list of foods my picky eater won’t eat is shrinking. Every time an item is scratched off that list it feels like a little victory.

I would love to hear how other moms are encouraging their kids to try new foods or even just eat what’s on their plates in a reasonable amount of time! Leave a comment to send me your tips and tricks.