Breaded seitan and tofu
The kids had a piece of the fake chicken (centre) and breaded tofu. They ate it with ketchup.

Super early this morning, my son asked me, “When you get a new cookbook, do you always want to play with it?” Yup. I like to work my way through the recipes in the book and get to know it well so when I have a craving for something specific, I know where to start.

Yesterday, I made a batch of seitan to make the fake fried chicken from The Edgy Veg: 138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes. The seitan recipe was different from others I had made. Instead of baking or simmering it in a broth for an hour, it was wrapped in tin foil and baked. This formed fake chicken breasts that were crispy on the outside and nice on the inside. Today, this seitan was then dipped in a fake egg dip made out of soy milk and cornstarch and breaded.

At this point, I should have dropped them into a deep fryer. But I don’t have one and I didn’t want to fry them in a deep pan. I decided to bake them in a hot oven to see how they turned out. The end result was crispy and nice though, admittedly, it would have been more authentic in a deep fryer. None-the-less, my daughter declared this the best dinner ever! (A compliment she often bestows on our meals.)

Once all the seitan was dipped and breaded, we had lots of the dip and breading left. I’ve never found a seitan recipe that my son enjoys (he only likes the seitan at Zen Gardens) so I sliced a block of tofu into fingers and coated them in the breading. There was still plenty of dip and breading left over so I dipped a few mushrooms (deep fried breaded mushrooms have always been a weakness for me).

I set the oven at 425, covered a baking sheet liberally with canola oil and baked everything for 10 minutes, flipped them, baked for another 5 minutes and another 5 minutes. They all turned out so well, we did another batch of mushrooms with the rest of the mushrooms we had in the fridge.

Seitan and mashed potatoes
The gravy was an onion and mushroom gravy. The breaded mushroom is in the bottom left corner. We dipped the seitan in a spicy barbecue sauce.

I wanted this to be a KFC-like dinner so I made mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and corn on the side. My son didn’t like the seitan but gobbled the rest of the dinner down. My daughter said she wanted me to make this whole meal every day!

Being liberal with the oil is a necessity. Any breading that didn’t come in contact in the oil did not get golden brown. Overall, it was a good meal – though a lot of work for one dinner. Something I would consider a special treat – not on the weekly rotation!

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