vegan peanut butter and jam french toast
Sandwiches ready to dredge according to the recipe.

I got a new cookbook over the holidays. I don’t know how the recipes will go over with the kids but it’s always nice to have a new book to draw inspiration from.

I did find a recipe that was failsafe. The kids start most days with peanut butter and jam sandwiches.  This recipe takes that sandwich to another level.

I spend summers making various kinds of jam to keep local, healthy preserves stocked in the pantry to last the winter. Right now, we have orange marmalade and red currant jelly on the go with rhubarb strawberry, pear, apple jam and many others on reserve. I used the red currant jelly for this French Toast.

When I called the kids to breakfast, I realized that my kids had never had French Toast. I had made various vegan versions of it before we had kids and wasn’t much of a fan of the soggy toast. We make pancakes all the time but not French Toast. When my daughter saw these, she remarked that they looked like bread pancakes. I didn’t realize they were living such sheltered lives!

vegan peanut butter and jam french toast
Frying the French toast.

This recipe is from The Edgy Veg: 138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes. Simply make the pb&j sandwiches, drudge them in the milky liquid and fry them until browned.

The end results were delicious and quite filling. As usual, I’m not adding the recipe because it’s not mine to share. But you could use any vegan French Toast recipe to make your own version of this breakfast treat. Like this one from Minimalist Baker.

My kids go to a French Immersion school. My daughter told us that one of her teachers has a t-shirt that says “I speak French Toast.” (It must have been on pyjama day.) Apparently someone in her class stuck her with a post-it note saying “I speak English muffin.” So thanks to this mornings’ breakfast, she finally gets the joke!


French toast
Ready for the maple syrup.


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