Vegan stew with biscuits
A hearty stew topped with biscuits.

This will be a short post because it is Christmas. But since holiday meals can be a challenge for new vegans and a curiosity for those who are not vegan, I thought I’d share what we’re having for dinner tonight.

Holiday meals are also a challenge for my picky eater because the flavours that make the foods special to us tend to be the ingredients he’d like picked out. This warming stew is no different – it is full of leeks and flavoured with onions and garlic but there are plenty of goodies for him to indulge in (like carrots, potatoes and peas) and the biscuits are a treat.

Vegan Christmas meal
First the stew is made on the stove top and then it is topped with the biscuits and baked in the oven for 15 minutes.

Find the recipe inĀ Veganomicon, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook.

My youngest did require encouraging to finish his meal but the rest of us enjoyed this hearty stew and are waiting for him to finish so we can indulge in the sweets. Merry Christmas everyone!

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