Weeknight dinners are the WORST! We live in a small town that doesn’t have many options for eating out – the ones we have, I’m completely over. So even when we’re all hungry and getting home later than usual, I throw something together at home. It’s generally faster than eating out anyway.

Tonight, we got home later than usual and there were complaints in the car of being hungry. Not a good sign – when the kids are hungry and tired from a long day at school, they’re easily frazzled.

But amazingly, they were on their best behaviour. My daughter cut a corner too tightly coming back to hang up her coat at my request and bumped it with her hip. When she cried out in pain, her little brother gave her a hug and said (I’m not making this up), “I feel what you’re feeling.”

And then he helped her hang up her coat! Then they went off to make kindness chains – they look like paper chains that have kind acts written on them. They say things like “empathy” and “you helped me” and there’s a few “you are the best.” I guess they’re really trying to tackle bullying at their school with a focus on kindness.

So I was feeling quite blessed when I started making dinner and was able to leave them to their crafting.

I had a meeting in Markham today (a city close to Toronto about an hour from where I live). And they have a Whole Foods! I managed to do a bit of shopping. I found a new kind of vegan sausage that I thought my kids might eat. It’s made by Tofurky.

Tofurky Chick'n apple sausages

The flash is obscuring the English but it says Chick’n apple. Sounds pretty kid-friendly to me. But you never know – the first ingredient is vital wheat gluten and my son tends to turn his nose up at anything like seitan so I decided to make lentils just in case these are a no-go.

I used the lentils in my gravy. I caramelized a half of a really nice onion I had from my local farm. It may be a Spanish onion – it’s huge and very sweet. And when they’d caramelized, I added the lentils, some soy sauce, nutritional yeast and fresh rosemary. A bit of tapioca starch with water to make the sauce. Simple and good. I saved some of the lentils for my son who tends to not like sauces – really playing it cautious tonight!

vegan sausage with mashed potatoes, lentils and slaw
Plain version with lentils, potatoes, vegan sausage and slaw.

Very plain meal for my picky eater. The slaw is shredded carrots and purple cabbage with a dressing made with fresh lime juice, rice vinegar and some grape seed oil. Very simple but too sour for him to like. He ate a tiny bit of the slaw but the rest of us enjoyed it.

carrot cabbage slaw vegan
Slaw made with carrots and purple cabbage. Dressed in lime juice, rice vinegar and grape seed oil.

What really surprised me is that he liked the sausage. So that’s great! Both kids like the Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage sausages – we rely on them when we go camping. It’s nice to have a second kind they’ll eat since tall the other Field Roast sausages are too spicy for the kids.

My daughter’s dinner is a bit more interesting since I gave her gravy. And she loved the slaw. She has adventurous taste buds like her mom.

vegan bangers and mash

Now I’m off to take a closer look at these kindness chains!


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