It’s just the three of us for dinner tonight since my husband is working late. Nights with just me and the kids should be simple, win-win dinners with leftovers for making lunches and after dinner, we’ll get on with today’s Christmas activity from the advent calendar. Tonight, we’re doing our Christmas cards (if all goes well).

So, the dinner I’m making is something extra kid-friendly that they’ll eat up in a snap. Tofu marinated in a kid-friendly marinade (I didn’t even use garlic today!). Baked potato wedges that they’ll eat with ketchup to their hearts’ content. Roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts that will have a few little blackened bits for us to enjoy.

Tomorrow for lunch, they’ll get some potato wedges (if they’re not all gone), tofu and carrot sticks. We picked up carrots from our local farm that are amazingly sweet and delicious.

If we eat all the wedges, I’ll make them sandwiches with the tofu, cucumber slices and maybe some shredded carrot if I’m feeling generous. Vegan mayo and mustard for my daughter, plain bread for my son (it’s not worth risking mayo…too often he has come home, looked me in the eye and tearfully told me that he didn’t eat his lunch because I did this or that. “Promise me you’ll never do that again, Mom.” So no mayo or mustard for him).


I’ve sliced the tofu into small triangles and marinated it in soy sauce, maple syrup, dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar and some grape seed oil. I let it sit in the marinade while the fries were baking. Then I arranged the tofu on a cookie sheet, put chopped broccoli and brussels sprouts lightly coated in oil on another cookie sheet and baked them all at 400 for about 20 minutes, turning once.


I have leftover spicy peanut sauce for mine from the other day – I’m not a ketchup fan.

And then comes the Christmas cards with the hope of getting them in the mail early this year. Fingers crossed!

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